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Carrot Cake

Dough with carrots, nuts, cinnamon and cheese cream
2 200 ֏

Macaron Classic

400 ֏

Cotton Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake is a variety of cheesecake that is usually lighter in texture and less sweet than North American style cheesecakes. It has a characteristically wobbly, airy texture similar to a chiffon cake like texture. The recipe was created by Japanese chef Tomotaro kuzuno in Berlin in the 1960s.
2 600 ֏


With special sauce The origin in Brownie is America. It is made by a hotel owner in Chicago, Bertha Palmer. The recipe was made especially for women. Today a search in the internet can discover over 100.000 brownie recipes. Place of birth: USA
2 200 ֏


Eskimo cake is as delicious as Eskimo ice cream Delicate chocolate sponge cake, delicious custard, covered with chocolate ganache.
1 800 ֏


Origin of the cheesecake is ancient Greece. Though modern cheesecake was created by an American, William Lawrence, who was trying to make a new type od cheese, but ended up making a cake.
2 400 ֏