Cinnabon / Square One

Maker of the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon serves fresh, aromatic, oven-hot cinnamon rolls, as well as a variety of other baked goods and specialty beverages.

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English Breakfast

Scrambled / fried / soft-boiled eggs with bacon, sausage, white beans, hash browns, mushroom, as well as toast, butter & jam. Served with water, juice, tea or Americano.
4 500 ֏

Butter full potato

2 500 ֏

Chicken sticks

Chicken Strips with Cocktail sauce
3 200 ֏

Potatoes in the oven

Potato, chicken breast, ham, bacon, corn, Mozzarella cheese, Cheddar cheese, butter, sour cream.
3 800 ֏

Bruschetta mix

Baguette, strawberry, raspberry jam, cream cheese, tomato, basil, avocado sauce, mushroom, chili pepper, Feta cheese sauce, squash, eggplant, pepper.
3 800 ֏


Chicken sticks, onion rings, chicken nuggets, Mozzarella sticks, potato balls, spicy chicken wings, french fries. Served with BBQ, Tartar, Cocktail sauces
6 500 ֏