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Breakfast Mix

Fried boiled egg, bacon, toast with Mozzarella cheese & avocado, bell pepper, cherry tomato, strawberry,classic pancake
2,800 ֏

Sweet Breakfast

French toast, classic pancake, butter, apricot jam, yogurt, strawberry, kiwi
2,500 ֏

Chia Yogurt

Chia seeds, sour cream, matzoon, fig syrup, berries, almond flakes
1,600 ֏

Mixed berry yogurt

Yogurt with seasonal fruits and muesli
2,300 ֏

Classic omelette with fresh salad

1,300 ֏

Vegetable Omelette

Egg, mushroom, cheese Mozzarella, bell pepper, squash, summer salad, spicy bread
2,700 ֏